Vidima mixer

Vidima mixers: types and specifications

Vidima mixers: types and specifications

Faucets are an integral part of many plumbing fixtures that are available in each apartment. The range of equipment in this segment is large.

Vidima mixers: types and specifications
Vidima mixers: types and specifications
Vidima mixers: types and specifications

About the manufacturer

Manufacturers from different countries offer their device manufacturing to consumers with different incomes. Among the mixers of the middle price range, the devices of the company Vidima became famous.

The country of origin of the mixers known as Vidima is Bulgaria. The company is a subsidiary of the holding company Ideal Standard. The brand is known for quality plumbing for many years. In our country, the products of this company - is a sales leader. In addition to Vidima mixers, the holding supplies products of the Jado, Geramica Dolomite, Armitage Shanks brands. other.

Vidima has achieved considerable success in popularity among European consumers. The production technologies of the company are constantly being improved, therefore at the present stage branded products are not only of excellent quality, but also of an attractive design.

Vidima mixers: types and specifications
Vidima mixers: types and specifications
Vidima mixers: types and specifications

Prices for products are quite affordable, consumer-oriented. Brand products are often recommended by professionals.. Convenient and high-quality things are suitable for solving many problems at construction sites.

The Bulgarian manufacturer scrupulously refers to the quality. This is especially true for those goods that are exported. These batches are tested in appropriate laboratories. The main production is located in the city of Sevlievo.

Vidima products do not differ in functionality and exquisite appearance. Unlike many competitors, the Bulgarian company relies on convenience and ease of use. The design of devices is usually universal, ergonomics are quite high. Although some users attribute the calm appearance to the shortcomings of the devices.

Vidima mixers: types and specifications
Vidima mixers: types and specifications


The main varieties can be divided into several categories.

For bathroom

Bathroom models are divided into the following types:

  • wall exterior - installed on the highway that go out of the wall;
  • wall internal - provided with a housing closed in the wall, with only levers left outside;
  • mortise - more often installed in the body of the bathroom itself; such models are often supplied with a retractable hose;
  • floor standing - represent the high device for a bathroom, mounted on a floor.

Choosing the type of mixer, it is necessary to take into account the advantages and disadvantages of each product separately. It is also important to take into account the design features of the device.

Vidima mixers: types and specifications
Vidima mixers: types and specifications

Products for the shower are divided into such types as:

  • single lever - usually look like a vertical or horizontal cylinder with a spout installed in the middle;
  • two-valve - represent a crane that can pass or block flows;
  • thermostatic - with their help it is more convenient to regulate the temperature level; usually these models have two handles in the equipment;
  • contactless - more convenient than all previous versions, they are controlled by special sensors, usually infrared type.
Vidima mixers: types and specifications
Vidima mixers: types and specifications

For kitchen

Kitchen faucets include all types of divisions from the previous versions. However, they are still cast or teams. Cast models look a single design. Products are very reliable, as they exclude the breakage of prefabricated parts. However, prefabricated products are notable for convenience.

To mixers served for a long time, you only need to carefully operate them.

Products for the sink, except for all other differences, have a significant variety of forms, namely:

  • S-figurative;
  • R-figurative;
  • WITH-figurative;
  • J-figurative;
  • R-figurative.
Vidima mixers: types and specifications
Vidima mixers: types and specifications
Vidima mixers: types and specifications

Very popular taps for a washbasin of the classical form with a difference in options. There are flattened or thickened products. Instead of the usual round shape, in the modern products can get a version with a square shape.

An important characteristic of the modern mixer is the material of its manufacture. The basis, which is used in its production Vidima, is brass. Chrome or nickel is used as an external coating.. If the model contains plastic parts, they are also chrome plated, which is a guarantee of the strength and elasticity of the final product.

Vidima mixers: types and specifications

Bidet mixers are external and internal. The first ones are suitable for devices that look more like a traditional sink. Internal devices supply water from the inside of the bowl. Appliances for such bidets are often distinguished as a separate type, as they allow you to smoothly adjust the pressure and temperature. As well as devices allow you to change the stream in a large range.

Mixers often include an aerator that provides fine spraying, and devices also have additions such as a thermostat, nozzles.

Vidima mixers: types and specifications
Vidima mixers: types and specifications


Technical indicators are of great importance when choosing a device. For example, the product's throughput value displays the possible water flow in liters per minute of time. This parameter is important for determining where the device is used. For example, for kitchen sink you need a device with a throughput line not exceeding 6 liters per minute. The known devices of the Bulgarian company from this category provide throughput from 2 to 60 liters per minute.

When choosing it is important not to forget about the material from which the valves are made. So how exactly does it provide for stopping or supplying fluid. Gaskets in Bulgarian-made mixers can be made of leather or rubber. This type of product is usually cheap and readily available.

Practical devices can be easily replaced by yourself. However, the wear resistance of such products is still small, so lately The most popular options with ceramic cartridges inside. Such valves are more reliable, more durable, stronger. The flow of fluid from such devices occurs evenly. Spare parts for such cranes are usually made from stainless steel. The cartridge looks like a smooth ball.

Vidima mixers: types and specifications

When choosing devices, it is important to pay attention to components such as the spout, in particular, on its dimensions. If the length of the spout is insufficient, then water will flow past the sink or bathtub. And also do not choose too low a device for kitchen sink. But too high spout will not give an opportunity to use the device comfortably.

The material of manufacture of the mixer itself is no less important when choosing. For example, the most often used material is brass. Brass faucets are usually durable and practical products, but they are quite expensive. Durable products are also made of stainless steel, they are not as expensive as previous models. Ceramic products are elite products, but they have little strength. The great advantage of ceramic mixers is their beautiful appearance. Beautiful bronze models have great strength. However, these products are not widely spread in modern stores.

More devices have differences in characteristics such as the number of mounting holes. For example, single-hole devices are great for flush mounting in a bathroom, as well as for outdoor mounting at other times. For installation in the first case, it is enough to remove the handle. Devices with two holes are suitable for vertical mounting. Models have separate connections for pipes with hot and cold water. Devices with three holes are needed for flush mounting, since the unit is usually built into the case.

Vidima mixers: types and specifications
Vidima mixers: types and specifications

The final cost of devices is usually associated with such additions as:

  • aerator;
  • eccentric (special adapter);
  • filter;
  • check valve;
  • vertical or horizontal installation;
  • thermostat;
  • view of the flywheel on the mixer (tap).

Single-lever modern products do not have a flywheel at all. Usually they have a handle with a protrusion that plays the role of a flywheel.

Vidima mixers: types and specifications
Vidima mixers: types and specifications


Modern mixers of the Bulgarian company are represented by the following collections:

  • "Sirius";
  • "Retro";
  • "Orion";
  • Optima;
  • Balance;
  • "Form";
  • Seva;
  • Uno;
  • Trinity;
  • Technik;
  • Next.

Each collection has in its arsenal additional series. For example, reviews of the model B3024AA / BA025AA Showa are mostly positive. Buyers for a long period of use do not even detect flaws. So, it is noted that the product can work without problems for 10 years. Mixers of this series are equipped with a ceramic cartridge. Parts are inexpensive, easy to find and replace yourself.

Vidima mixers: types and specifications

Good feedback is left by users. about Orion single-lever products B4225AA / VA005AA series. Buyers note the nice appearance of the product. Some users talk about the difficulties encountered when adjusting the temperature of the water. The problem is solved by installing an additional thermostat, as well as using the Grohe watering can.

Vidima mixers from the “Retro” series positively rated by users, but these products are very expensive. The average cost of devices varies from 5,000 to 7,000 rubles.

Vidima "Forms" also belongs to the elite category of goods with a price from 5500 to 7000 rubles.

Not very good reviews are supplied Ikar series products. For example, it is noted that the model R1401AA / B9754AA / BA167AA are characterized by fragility. Some customers have not worked the product and one year. Despite the fact that the mixer is beautiful, a significant drawback is that a leak almost immediately forms in the device, which is observed both in the switched off valve and when the device is turned on. In addition, users mark the product as very noisy.

Vidima mixers: types and specifications
Vidima mixers: types and specifications

Advantages and disadvantages

As you know, poor-quality plumbing can cause flooding of neighbors in apartment buildings, which would entail inevitable additional costs. To eliminate this problem altogether, Plumbers I advise you to consider such components of a good repair, as:

  • pipe replacement;
  • installation of high-quality plumbing;
  • installation of high-quality mixers.
Vidima mixers: types and specifications

    Selecting a manufacturer that offers devices called mixers is important. These products are offered by companies from various countries.

    The Bulgarian manufacturer is included in the ranking of the best, among which there are also such companies as:

    • German Grohe;
    • the american Hansgrohe;
    • Chinese Iddis;
    • Russian Roca.
    Vidima mixers: types and specifications
    Vidima mixers: types and specifications
    Vidima mixers: types and specifications
    Vidima mixers: types and specifications

        The products of the Bulgarian company are many. Each series has its advantages and disadvantages. It is worth considering the pros and cons in more detail, while taking into account the views of professionals. In comparison with German products, Bulgarian mixers are cheaper. American plumbing products are noted as not very high quality. Many experts advise not to save when buying Chinese Iddis.

        Russian Roca offers the same quality products as the Bulgarian ones, but the cost of Russian devices in stores is higher, and they are common only in the central regions of the country. In some cases, branded Bulgarian products are the only possible and correct choice.

        Review of Vidima faucets series "Practice" - in the next video.

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