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SmartSant mixers: features and range

SmartSant mixers: features and range
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Each of us has ever in his life faced with the choice of faucets in the bathroom or the kitchen. In the domestic market today presents a huge range of plumbing of this type. One of the popular manufacturers of mixers is the brand SmartSant.

About the manufacturer

The SmartSant trademark was created by Videxim holding, founded in 1996. Initially, the company was engaged in the sale of European-made products on the domestic market, but in 2007 created its own trademark SmartSant. Under it, the manufacture of mixers was set up in the village of Kurilovo near Moscow.

Today it is a fairly large factory with modern equipment that manufactures products that can compete with well-known European brands.

SmartSant mixers: features and range
SmartSant mixers: features and range

Advantages and disadvantages

SmartSant mixers are loved by the Russian buyer and it is not just that.

They have a number of advantages, the main of which is an excellent price-quality ratio.

  • At the price of SmartSant faucets, you are unlikely to buy products from European manufacturers, while the design and performance characteristics of products of this brand are in no way inferior to them.
  • All SmartSant products comply with quality standards in our country, made in accordance with GOST 25809-96 and GOST 19681-94.
  • Also, when manufacturing SmartSant mixers, the ISO 14001 standard is maintained, which means that the products are environmentally friendly.
  • Triple quality control concerns checking not only finished products, but also incoming materials and blanks.
  • In the manufacture of products brand SmartSant used imported components made in Germany, Spain and Italy - the leaders in the manufacture of high-quality sanitary ware.
  • The warranty period for mixers of this brand, set by the manufacturer, is: from four years - for products with a rod-type switching system between a shower and a spout, and up to seven years - for taps without a switch.
  • A wide enough range will allow you to choose not only the model, but also the color and even the intensity of the gloss of the coating.
SmartSant mixers: features and range

There are SmartSant mixers and small flaws.

  • If you compare the cost of this product with other domestic brands, it is much higher. You should not forget about the high quality of the product of this brand, which will allow to justify its price.
  • The weight of the mixers is large enough, but this is typical of all products made of brass.
SmartSant mixers: features and range
SmartSant mixers: features and range


Under the brand SmartSant produced several types of mixers.

  • For kitchen. For products of this type is characterized by a high spout for easy washing of large dishes.
  • For shower. Here, besides the gander itself, there is a shower for the shower. In this embodiment, there are mixers with a long swivel spout and with a static small gander.
  • For the sink. Here the spout is small, rarely has a bend. The distance from it to the sink is minimal, suitable only for washing hands and filling water with small containers.
  • For the bidet. These cranes are quite similar to the previous view, but have a turning part at the end of the spout.
SmartSant mixers: features and range
SmartSant mixers: features and range

SmartSant mixers can be:

  • single lever, this type has a pedal, turning which you can adjust the temperature and pressure of the water supplied;
  • two-handled, here the water temperature is regulated by two valves.

Also under the brand SmartSant produced modern touch faucets, for the inclusion of which is not required to touch the elements of the product. Another type of innovative faucet is a thermostatic faucet, which constantly maintains the water temperature set on it, automatically increasing and reducing the pressure of the liquid. All SmartSant faucets are made from brass. They have a high quality chrome-nickel coating. They are equipped with German aerators, which not only provide a uniform flow of water, but also have protection against lime deposits.

Included with the mixer is an eyeliner for connecting to the main water supply, which is 40 cm long. A self-cleaning watering can is attached to the shower and bath faucets, as well as a hose and wall mount.

SmartSant mixers: features and range
SmartSant mixers: features and range
SmartSant mixers: features and range

Model range and reviews

The range of mixers SmartSant is quite wide. Here you will also find vintage models of aged gold with enamelled watering cans - the “Smart Vintage” series. There are among the products of this brand and classic models that are suitable for most interiors - the series "Carat", "Real", "Blik". You can also find modern matte and shiny angular faucets, perfectly suited for such interior styles as high-tech and minimalism - the Loft and Fly series.

Buyers who prefer SmartSant faucets respond rather well to them. They talk about the high technical quality of products, which have been running smoothly for quite a long period, about good coverage, which retains its color during the whole operation of the product, as well as a stylish design. Among the grievances, we can only mention the fact that single-lever mixers of budget series of this manufacturer do not regulate water supply temperature very well.

SmartSant mixers: features and range
SmartSant mixers: features and range
SmartSant mixers: features and range

In the next video you will find a review of mixers from the Afalina collection from SmartSant.

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