Led nozzle on the crane

What are the LED nozzles on the crane?

What are the LED nozzles on the crane?

If you want to get not only a useful, but also an interesting accessory that can help you decorate the bathroom or kitchen space, then you can use the LED tap nozzle. This is a simple installation that can highlight water in various shades.

What are the LED tap tips?


Nozzles can be called decorative elements, which recently began to appear on sale. Basically, they are purchased as a souvenir or with other interesting items in Chinese stores on the Internet. The release of such products are not engaged in famous brands, but more often than not known to small companies.

But provided that the nozzle is properly used, it can still perform useful functions. Due to some features, the LED, which is inside this small part, is able to change the shade of the supplied water pressure, depending on the temperature indicator.

In order to make it easier to navigate, we give below the ratio of temperature and color indicators of the nozzle:

  • at temperatures up to 32 degrees the water color is blue;
  • when the temperature rises from 33 to 40 degrees, the color changes to green;
  • from 41 to 45 degrees - red;
  • from 45 degrees or more, the backlight remains red, but it starts to flash.
What are the LED nozzles on the crane?

We draw your attention to the fact that the color change scheme is the most common, but there are other options for sale.

In order to avoid an unpleasant situation, the recommendations in the instructions remind you that before using the nozzle you need to test several times in all modes. In this way, you will not only find out which color corresponds to temperature indicators, but also be able to choose for yourself the optimum water temperature.

What are the LED tap tips?

Advantages and disadvantages

The purchased product in the kit has batteries in the form of batteries, but they are required only to check the operation of the installation, since their charge is weak.

Those who have already installed such a device in their bathroom or kitchen celebrate a number of its advantages.

  1. Nozzles do not need an additional power source. They do not need batteries or chargers, powered by electricity.
  2. The device can act as a kind of signaling device. Since the nozzle changes its color depending on the temperature, you can always find out how hot or cold water comes from the tap.
  3. The installation is able to fit into any interior style and design of the crane. This unique element can become an original decoration of an interior irrespective of the fact in what color of the decision it is executed.
  4. With the help of LED nozzles you can organize a fairy tale and comfort in the house.
What are the LED nozzles on the crane?
What are the LED tap tips?

So if you have a desire to diversify the space in the house, you can hardly do without the presented device. Such an installation will seem like a real find to households, and guests will be delighted with it.

The negative side of this device also has:

  • if there is no proper water pressure, the nozzle will not work, and the water will not light up;
  • the products are very fragile, as they have small sizes (their length varies from 3 to 7 cm), as a result of which their service life is short.
What are the LED tap tips?
What are the LED tap tips?


You can buy LED nozzles in several versions:

  • for crane;
  • on the shower.

The first model is available in several types. They can be with an arbitrary change in shade and with a built-in temperature sensor. The most popular type is the second. It responds to changes in the temperature index of the water supplied. If the value of the border, for example, the water is not cold, but still not warm enough, then the nozzle starts to flash and green and blue.

Installation of such a nozzle is simple and takes only a few minutes. The installation process is simplified due to the fact that all modern mixers have a removable filter nozzle, due to the removal of which the nozzle is installed with a backlight. The filter is removed, the light cap is screwed on and can be used.

Such devices are produced in a classic design, so they are ideally combined with any mixer.

What are the LED tap tips?
What are the LED tap tips?

The second model of the nozzle is designed for installation in the shower. The cost of such a nozzle is more than the previous version, but the effect from it is significant.

She, no doubt, will appeal to people of any age, since in the shower we are all children. Such an insignificant detail will not only allow you to enjoy the magical moments, but also allow you to have a pleasant evening, taking an unforgettable shower with your second half. A few minutes of magic such a setting on the shower and give the child: they come to the delight of the water, which glows in all possible colors.

What are the LED tap tips?

So, the color shower heads are as follows:

  • with built-in sensor - they, as in the previous version, change color depending on water temperature;
  • multi-color - here the colors can change arbitrarily, they will not depend on temperature.

Users note that the second option is more beautiful for the soul, as the water overflows with all possible shades.

What are the LED nozzles on the crane?
What are the LED tap tips?

These models do not need batteries. All the necessary energy is produced by water. Inside the nozzle there is a small turbine, which starts working from the streams and emit light. That is, acquiring such a nozzle, you become the owner of a miniature hydroelectric station.

Such a nozzle is made of chromed plastic, which allows it to fit into any bathroom interior.

You can buy these models of nozzles in the store Bradex, reviews of which are only positive. By purchasing a nozzle here, you will enjoy temperature control, watching the flow pattern change.

What are the LED tap tips?

How to install?

You can install the nozzle yourself without the help of craftsmen. It's very simple, the main thing - do not forget to place inside a special rubber gasket, which acts as a seal between the spout and the nozzle. If this is not done, water can flow out of the gaps, which is very unpleasant.

What are the LED tap tips?

Although the device can be called primitive, before installing it, it is desirable to study the instructions in detail. In this case, its placement will take no more than 5 minutes.

The installation process is as follows:

  • gently unscrew the mixer with the filter from the spout;
  • put the supplied seal into the nozzle;
  • install it on the spout.

Pictures that are in the instructions can help in the installation: they describe the whole process in detail.

What are the LED tap tips?
What are the LED tap tips?
What are the LED tap tips?

After the installation is completed, you can turn on the water.

  • The nozzle will begin to work from the first inclusion. Since at first the water will be cold, the color of the stream will be blue.
  • Try to increase the temperature of the water and follow the sensor - it should change its color.
  • Bring the temperature to the maximum. The LED nozzle should turn red and start flashing.
What are the LED tap tips?
What are the LED tap tips?

    The last indicator will be most useful: you can always find out how hot the water goes from the tap, especially when you have to bathe a small child.

              Now, when everything is set in place, and the luminous nozzle itself has been tested, you can take a bath with aromatic oils, relax and enjoy the results. The effect will be awesome!

              What are the LED tap tips?

              You will learn more about LED tap nozzles by watching the following video.

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