What we do

We energize and tap the knowledge and power of communities through effective community experience design for the good of your organization and people.

When well designed, your customer, company and community knowledge works to the benefit of all.

Work with us to:

  • Assess and develop a strategy for your communities.
  • Create communities that catalyze purposeful participation.
  • Create exceptional conferences and programs for knowledge sharing, learning, and building your culture.
  • Cultivate empowered relatedness while delivering results that scale.
  • Measure and monitor the impact of your communities.

Schedule a meeting to ask any questions you have and to explore. We’ve a record of success designing and executing projects in and across the the following areas:

  • Community strategy 
    • Community design and cultivation
    • Network curation
    • Culture development
  • Event & meeting design
    • Conference design, facilitation, and consultation
    • Speaker coaching
    • Video and virtual event programming
  • Social & media programming
    • Youtube and Google Hangouts
    • FB Live
    • Webinars
  • Learning
    • Knowledge sharing gatherings
    • Online and in-person workshops
    • Learning Hub development

Here’s an example of a global learning and innovation community and how we gathered via a multi-day set of 50+ hangouts: