Global knowledge-sharing events spread innovations and learning

Held over 50 hours in 10 languages, this global gathering shows how a video-based, interactive format (run on google hangouts, bluejeans, skype, or shindigevents platforms) can create excellent learning, innovation sharing, and can build highly engaging and memorable bridges across internationally distributed groups. As an added benefit, people build trust and also think together in ways that can help build practice and drive progress forward.

As  a standalone event, or as a bridge between annual in-person conferences and meetings, interactive, video-based events deliver highly valuable results, and nearly all participants and leaders enjoy this format.

How we create purposeful communities in our work worlds

This talk lays out how companies are evolving to tap the power and the benefits of a healthy approach to cultivating communities that are good for both customers and companies. Purpose and community belong together as thoughtfully considered and envisioned aspects of our companies. Even the word “company” attests to this, originating from the Latin word “companio” a companion, one who eats bread (pane) with you. From small and growing organizations to major enterprises, there are high value and meaningful roles for communities to play.

What would ideal work-related communities look like for your company? What are example communities you value or admire, that you think are unique or really successful, or that you aspire to create but which may seem out of reach? Let’s collaborate on ideas to make a better future for our work as expanded environments where purpose and productivity go hand in hand with human development and satisfaction.


Getting together

So much happens when we get together in a group for a meeting. What can you do so that meetings and collaborative efforts have the qualities you most want for satisfying, productive, engaged, and memorable interaction?

One key element of many great meetings and gatherings is that they deliberately let each person be more of themselves while connecting people in a group experience where all feel they are part of a greater team or community.

When meetings succeed at openly embracing each person while connecting people in community, each person contributes more, and everyone and the organization benefit.

Here are 3 ideas:

  1. Set a tone of welcoming. Warmth and inclusion that affirms each person as a unique contributor creates a distinctively beneficial culture at the beginning of each meeting you convene.
  2. Envision and express clear shared intentions. These frame the purpose and practical aims so interactions can be effective and time well spent and appreciated. A group can only see, aim and deliver on intentions that are made clear.
  3. Make room for individual expression and use active listening so the meeting can be held and end with all having been said and heard. Silence is rarely overused. Use it generously.

If these may seem obvious or worth glossing over, think again. Don’t underestimate the value of attention to a quality experience.  Consider how many meetings you’re in where these aren’t done. People continually notice what you’re attending to and caring about, and that affects all dynamics of participation.