What we do

Work with us to get your ideas into shape, into minds, and into action. Translate your business value into contagious, unforgettable ideas that will thrive in your customers, markets, and communities.

Communication strategy  Event & presentation design Social & media programming
  • Communication planning
  • Community engagement design
  • Writing, messaging, and influencer marketing
  • Conference design, facilitation, and consultation
  • Speaker coaching
  • In-person and video event programming
  • Video conference events
  • Facebook Live
  • Community engaged media

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Why engage?

  • Inspire and motivate action through the highly effective sharing of valued ideas
  • Connect with your customers more easily and more deeply, touching them meaningfully and while increasing your value to them
  • Give customers ways to create value for themselves as they also add value to your organization

Community Knowledge Works has worked with organizations and corporations including TED, University of Washington, The Bill & Melinda Gates foundation, and many others.

From value propositions to powerful presentations to organization and customer stories, we develop communications for channels deep and wide.  From engaging internal events and high performance communities to social communications, we help you spread your ideas far and wide.

We work with you to tap the power of your communities. The intentional and  creative capacity of fully engaged communities is a key advantage you need and want to have. High performance communities actualize the social potential that you increasingly need to grow.

Success depends on robust and good relations within teams, across teams, and with wider audiences. Whenever people meet and interact with shared values and purpose, these groups take shape and the qualities of the group dynamics inform purposeful action.

Why do group and community knowledge matter in business terms?

  1. Social cohesion and community matters because people value relating and belonging, and engaging fully adds 23% value over those less engaged. ¹
  2. Community and purpose are the two key advantages you can have in the social era. ²
  3. Within and across your communities is where many of the best ideas will be found.  When the experience in your communities is of welcoming, high quality experiences that reward participation, you cultivate the source of your best advocates, allies, and innovations.

Organizations that give great experiences to those who value your work thrive and become increasingly better and deliberately developmental organizations, improving themselves throughout their networks as a matter of course. What is the best purpose your communities can fulfill? How can you make your experiences together meaningful, rewarding, and more than able to deliver on your shared values and vision? Make all your interactions with your communities the best they can possibly be, from effective strategy through planning, events and experiences, deepening engagement, and to every thank you for people in your driven communities that exceed your hopes for what they can give you.


  1. Fully engaged customers represent an average 23% premium in share of wallet, profitability, revenue, and relationship growth over the average customer. Gallup.
  2. See Kastelle, Merchant, Verreynne (2016) What Creates Advantage in the “Social Era”? , MIT Press, innovations / volume 10, number 3/4, pages 88-90.

About Us

Community Knowledge Works is a consultancy that partners with businesses and organizations to improve bottom line results and increase meaningful engagement within and across groups touched by your work. Purposeful and well-designed communities are the advantage to gain in the social era.

email: phil@cknowledgeworks.com
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phone: 206 696 1063

Clients include:

  • TED
  • Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
  • University of Washington School of Nursing
  • Snohomish County Arts Commission
  • Web of Change
  • Sno-Isle Library System
  • and others

Phil Klein
Founder, Community Knowledge Works

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